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If I’d Write the Day…One Hundred Eleven

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Time with precipice
Writing rhapsody
With unknown eyes
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Caging a Sunrise

there is no use caging a sunrise
metallic bars will not stop the timeline
hold it back and burn your eyes

stop in place and open your eyes
bathe in the first light of sunrise
be still to the carry of the timeline

remove the hour of the timeline
witness power in trine eyes
watch night fall on the sunrise

draw the timeline of sunrise with silhouette eyes

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the button held
like heart on sleeve
each press, a new name spelt

click, turn and leave
view-maskers slide
moment turns on release

finger and heart collide
premature skip
de-pressed the left besides

the pilikia of her ever want

edited clips
make up curved svelte
distracting pearl ellipse

endings withheld
the looped collide
frame by frame cut to shelves

refined applied
the last won’t leave
her button kept upright

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she was turned on
her screw thread mind
twisted into contact
by the foot of divine
permeating her built insulation
was the unqualified charge
her tongue tired filament fired
with more simple than thought
the supportive wires stemmed in center
contained by her bodied home
a state of altered inertia
glass house throwing no stone

Contributed for meet the bar, allegory over at dVerse Poets Pub
Image by C Rose April 2012


Photography by C Rose
Barefoot by C Rose

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Reaching the apogee
by understanding
the lessoned perigee

Finding the consolation
in withstanding
the patterned oscillation

Opening trine eye
for witnessing
the temerarious collide

Holding orbital verity
of appreciating
the spiraled equanimity

Image: Self-Portrait by C Rose (April 2012)
Contributed to Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub ~ follow this great group on Twitter @dversepoets