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Beyond the Break

she drank of the marrow,
pooling beyond the break

I, lingering on the jagged
edge, watched as she turned
and spit vision in my face

Kaleidoscope haze…

I began to kiss the sky,
melting clouds on my tongue

she swang from heartstrings,
making temple bells ring
one by one

I swallowed bliss and let
it pool beyond the break

she, frolicking in the
root bed of my annals,
turned as I spit vision
into her face

our fingertips melted as
we made patient eyes

swirling the time-band spiral
into the speed of light

swallowing one another
beyond the break, we spit
vision onto the page

mellifluous fade…

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I change color with the hearts
I beat. A love chameleon showing
tongue of every speak. I assemble
letters into pictures with emotion

A blink to witness, I read moments
vertically with seven eyes.
Unchaining the bound to
verisimilitude time. Open, our
genetically modified distention
floods into rhyme.

Candor lance made of star stories
pierces our fright. Peeling back
eyelids to reveal our co-created
blight. Propelling our heirship
to the inherent right.

A world of a billion gurus and
we each equal one. Connecting
pulsed fingertips we heart beat
in sum. Clairaudient to the etude
of our begun.

We change color with the hearts
we beat. Love chameleons showing
tongue of every speak. We bleed into
pools of love ink.

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The Listener

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I often think of the first
time I fell in knowledge

The remembrance of crawling
inside myself and opening
my eyes from the inside

I drew the right side
of left and turned up from
down the volume of my
song, long crying into
mortar arteries

Now I dance to the choir
of voices, each representing
a being of my self and swing
my hips as if making love
to the breeze

I’ve harnessed the powers
bestowed by the stars and walk
in the light 
rippling from
my temple heart

I often tingle as the moments
bounce into my circle of love

replying in shiver back
my gratitude with an
echo of trust

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I sat with the spider mother as she patiently
pulled the web from my eyes. 

In our love the dewfall, my tears
scattering across her stringed design.

I witnessed as she blew a kiss that cooled
the sky, turning my tears to stars,
filling the night.

She spoke to my essence and
released the mystery from my bones.

She pointed to the path of ever-love,
sparking third sight and introduced me
to the ever-patient guides

I lost my voice and found an echo,
filling me with chorus shared by the divine.

The vibration of my new song,
an inertia, tuning my steps to the channel
for which I was born.

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