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The evolution of my expression

It is my honor to share the temple in which all my creative expressions and works will be housed as:


I am grateful for the journey of my steps and all the forms of creative expression they have carried me through. Now standing as a documentarian, poet, teacher and social media consultant I can say I have found the purpose of my current expressions. It is a delight to feel such harmony through these veins of expression. I cannot share enough my gratitude and thanks to all of those that have been so supportive, kind, loving and thoughtful to me as I have taken the naked journey into my voice, through you I am.

Pleave visit my site www.careyroseoconnell.com to know of all my works. The World Poetized is such a wonderful part of my song, look forward to many wonderful additions of PoeArt and Poetry Readings in the months to come.

All my peace and love ~ Carey Rose O’Connell