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looking into eyes
of two faced stories
one side voice
two side pencil

mingled footprints
walk garden morning
glories bloom to wilt
in parallel journey

tracing echo words
with dull points
chasing sentence
beginning from end

soul speak counts
lead mind hides
one hundred tears
falling from sky

running color revealing
pellucid waters
voice inhaled word
word exhaled voice

swirled in puddle
splashed in echo
story made song
walking into the duet

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Feather Dancer

falling feathers landing at my soles, marking the prints of my soul, tying the plumed reminder strings, to patiently awaiting skeleton wings

in death I became a feather dancer, filling my wings with inherent answer, whirling them from ground to air, timing flight for path end tear

birds of a feather stuck to make a together,marking the winds with the signature glimpse, of the no name bird who calls every other her twin

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turn through faces until you see soul
kiss the glyphs of temple tongues
pulling apart skeleton key wishbones

turn through faces until you see soul
open locked calls casting signature tones
dancing past each with seed honey steps

turn through faces until you see soul
wade the mellifluous filling of land mind clefts
connecting this, that and the latter rungs

turn through faces until you see soul
pass the time where the masks are hung
paving road rhymes with clay feet stones

turn through faces until you see soul
paint into shadow corners of eyes unshone
dilating outlines in the shape of we in met

turn through faces until you see soul
pull in heartstring rays and cajole the sun’s unset
weaving the fray into lyrics of the unsung

turn through faces until you see soul
walk back into the forward and grow young
carrying pocketfuls of field picked homes

turn through faces until you see soul

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Drink of the channeled angel tears
through my long, hollow frame.

Blow into me the whispers of you
and I will play melody.

Will then you move in reverie
to the sound of your truth?

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Caging a Sunrise

there is no use caging a sunrise
metallic bars will not stop the timeline
hold it back and burn your eyes

stop in place and open your eyes
bathe in the first light of sunrise
be still to the carry of the timeline

remove the hour of the timeline
witness power in trine eyes
watch night fall on the sunrise

draw the timeline of sunrise with silhouette eyes

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In                the           square        she            often          heard
the            sounds         of             held        thought          in
square        of           ricochet    stories           in              ping
she             held          stories         of           bundled      tones
often      thought          in         bundled      twists          over
heard          in              ping         tones           over          verity

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