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Walking Mesa

2013-10-27 08.45.56

We are the moment between wind and earth,
the walking mesa of rebirth.

We are the seed layers of large tree dreams.
Powering the streaming of the spiraled life force,
we germinate light from the dark, giving deep rooted
knots the desire to realize their potential leaves.

We are the moment between wind and earth,
the walking mesa of rebirth.

We are the tears gushing forth, flooding old
rough passages through bottle fountain eyes.
We speak in liquid tongues, nourishing
the land, boundless energy in roaring
freedom. Lovers to seeds, from our connection,
the releasing of spiraled fertility.

We are the moment between wind and earth,
the walking mesa of rebirth

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Love’s Story

2013-10-26 14.24.33

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Risen by the three stars of night
placed in the center of infinity
I became the beginning at the end of light

The last of blue sky opened in star spray
as the faces of creation looked through
and evolution’s gravity came true

Purposed by the first after last breath
the cellular chant ignited imaginal verse
and I became the life of passing death

I lept out of body and into air
reading words falling from eyes
umbilically joined with contrail ties

I found the center of seven star seas
and danced in the palms of angels
singing the psalms of universal-ality

They returned me home to take place
with the blueprinted markings of one
covering my new flesh in the veil of grace

Bard of the new language that binds
I voice as we the master songs
playing in the field in which all belong

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threaded fingers
with the only
company kept

she swung arms
with her shadow
as the world left

they danced in the
final light to dawn
on man

loving the last of the
wilted blooms pulled
by too soon hands

she piled the dead
yesterdays and jumped
through the spaces in time

landing in the sun, she
evaporated the clouds
into tear drop rhyme

she released the new
eyes from her ever
flowing womb

locking separation
into its new heart
shaped tomb

all beings reborn
from the mother
of one

the new time of
no measure has
now begun

Inspired by the first four stanzas that presented themselves in lovely micropoem form today…the words insisted on a few more to feel complete. The revolution of our evolution is now and all one must do is allow ~ In eternal peace and love ~ Rose

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The Feaster

I improved my vision
when I allowed my soul
to use my eyes

I rose into collective wisdom
when I allowed my selves
to come forward and materialize

I am the individuality of five
helically wrapped into the
hologram of one

I speak the voices exhaled
by the stones and translate
the songs of the sun

I am the feaster

I breathe energy
and eat rising fear

I am the feaster

I bleed synergy
and drink falling tears

I am the feaster

I walk in spirals
and die with each step

I am the feaster

I love in sacral
and translate our next

I am the feaster

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